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You are here: Home LARRY USB2000 and LARRY USB4000 series: Scientific-grade CCD Linear Array Detectors

Monday30 January 2023

Ames Photonics: Modular Tools for Spectroscopy

LARRY USB2000 and LARRY USB4000 series: Scientific-grade CCD Linear Array Detectors

Larry USB Series

The LARRY USB series is a family of linear CCD array detectors that offers cost-effective, scientific-grade performance for a wide range of spectroscopic applications.  They can be mounted to most spectrographs that have the output plane ≥10 mm outside of the spectrograph.  Both standard and custom mounts are available, making them ideal for upgrading existing systems or incorporation into flexible new spectroscopic instruments.

The LARRY USB series is a custom build based on proven Ocean Optics electronics and is compatible with Ocean Optics software, enabling a broad scope of features.  The detectors connect to and are controlled by a PC via USB 2.0, allowing for easy-to-use, plug-and-play operation.  Multiple detectors can be controlled in the same software, enabling simultaneous acquisition.  GPIO communication can also be used to integrate with other instruments and devices.

The linear CCDs used in the LARRY USB series contain on-chip electronic gating, which allow for integration times down to 1 ms without the need for external shutters.


Download datasheet here.



  • 2048 or 3648 pixel linear arrays
  • 14 μm and 8 μm pixel width and pitch
  • 200 μm pixel height for spectroscopic applications
  • Scientific grade, no fringing
  • Fast, on-chip electronic gating capability
  • Maximum dynamic range >2000:1
  • 200-1100 nm spectral range
  • Low noise, uncooled
  • Rapid acquisition up to 500 acquisitions / sec with 1 ms integration time
  • USB 2.0 for full plug-and-play PC control
  • Powered via USB
  • GPIO for easy integration with other instruments and devices
  • External trigger and sync output via SMB with programmable delays for synchronization to pulsed sources
  • LARRY USB4000 has optional shutter mode, allowing integration times to 10 μs


  • Upgrade optical spectrometers to linear CCD array capability
  • Capturing spectra of short-pulse events
  • Synchronization to pulsed lasers and light sources
  • Fringe analysis, beam profiling/monitoring
  • Synchronous and simultaneous detection with multiple detectors
  • General purpose linear detector, with Thorlabs cage mount  interface available


  • USB 2.0 for computer control and power supply
  • Trigger SubMiniature BNC (SMB), TTL input for external trigger
  • Sync SMB, programmable TTL output for synchronizing other devices with the detector
  • Additional SMB connector for a customizable connection
  • 22-pin accessory connector for detector monitoring and GPIO communication


LARRY USB2000: US$1,990 for base unit.

For further pricing details, please contact us.

Number of sensitive pixels 2048 3648
Number of masked dark pixels 18 13
Pixel size 14 μm (w) × 200 μm (h) 8 μm (w) × 200 μm (h)
Array length (active) 28.7 mm 29.1 mm
Spectral range                                      200 nm – 1100 nm
Integration time 1 ms – 65 sec 3.8 ms – 10 sec
10 -1000μs option also available1
Well capacity (WC) 62,500 e- 100,000 e-
16-bit ADC output 65,535 counts
Saturation level @ 633 nm 3.8 nJ/cm2
1.1 × 10-4 nJ per pixel
9.5 nJ/cm2
1.5 × 10-4 nJ per pixel
Readout noise (RN) 29 e- rms 46 e- rms
Dark signal non-uniformity
            1-sec integration
            10-sec integration

37 e- rms
406 e- rms

571 e- rms
1739 e- rms
Dark signal offset ~1000 counts
Dark noise
            1-sec integration
            10-sec integration

31 e- rms
45 e- rms

69 e- rms
128 e- rms
Maximum dynamic range
(WC / RN)
2155 2170
Readout time 2 ms 3.8 ms
Spectral rate2
            High-speed acquisition

Up to 30 Hz
Up to 500 Hz

Up to 30 Hz
Up to 125 Hz
External trigger jitter ±420 ns ±250 ns
Power Powered by USB or from accessory connector
Mounting Ø42.5 x 6 mm mounting boss
Detector located 9.5 mm below boss surface
Connectors USB 2.0, 480 Mbps
SMB: External trigger input (TTL)
SMB: Sync output (TTL)
SMB: NC / customizable connection
22-pin accessory connector: Monitoring and GPIO

Typical performance shown.

1Shorter integration times, down to 10 μs, possible with an alternative software package (Ocean View). Please contact us if you require this option.

2Spectral rate is based on Ocean Optics SpectraSuite software, and may depend on the PC specifications and configuration.  Eliminating unnecessary background processes is recommended for high-speed operation.  High-speed acquisition mode does not support multiple detectors.